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One of the most vital assetts to a business is their E-Mail communication. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with using a free E-Mail provider and there is no guarantee that you will always be able to rely on your current internet service provider to not change your address. We maintain several E-mail servers for businesses and organizations in Southern Illinois and would be honored to have your business, too! 

-Whether you need online webmail with file and calendar collaboration or would like to access your email with your favorite E-Mail client, such as Outlook®; we can provide a secure, long-term solution to your needs! 

We encourage you to call or E-Mail us so that we may best serve you during the planning phase of provisioning an E-Mail server!

Basic Email

Hosting Starting At $60/Yearly

Our Basic Email System allows you to send and receive email from your choice of client program; whether it be Outlook Express®, Outlook®, or any one of the numerous open source clients, such as Thunderbird®. This platform is simple, reliable, and perfect for the customer who's looking for a no-frills solution. With rates starting at $60.00 / year, you can have up to 20 accounts @youraddress.com in just a few moments.


Advanced Email Hosting

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This package is our most popular! Our customers enjoy all the benefits of business-class email (such as: Document Collaboration, Multiple Calendars, Sharable Address Books, Anti-Spam/Virus Countermeasures and much more) without spending thousands per year on expensive product licensing. If you need more users or more space, just add on one of our inexpensive upgrade packs! This package provides inbox support for ALL of the popular email clients, such as Outlook and Thunderbird as well as mobile apps on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry


Enterprise Email Hosting

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Our enterprise email service scales up the advanced package to allow more users, more storage space, and more functionality. By upgrading to enterprise, you can connect your email client or mobile assistant to control not only mail functions but also have access to your calendars, address book, and online file storage. -This is truly the best package for business professionals who are always on-the-go! By connecting your existing technology to our full-featured service, you will never be away from your information (unless you want to be!)